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Modern Children Higher Secondary School GUNA(M.P.)
(English Medium)
Sony Colony, Guna - 473001 (M.P.), Ph:07542-224202, 226614 Mob: 09425132152
Application for Registration/Admission

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I/We seek admission of my/our ward in Modern Children Higher Secondary School, Requisite perticulars are furnished below:-
1. Student
1.1 Name of the ward (M/F)
1.2 Date of Birth age
1.3 Religion Nationality Mother Tongue
1.4 Do you belong to SC/ST/OBC? (Attach Certificate)
1.5 Class in which admission is sought
1.6 Particulars of last school attended
1.7 Last school affiliated to which Board
Affl. No
2. Parents:
Father Mother
Annual Income
Present Address (with Pin code)
Telephone No/s. Mobile No.
Office Address Pin Code
Tele/Fax No. Email

Whether any Brother/Sister studying in this school, if yes, please furnish particulars.
4. Name Class Section
    Name Class Section
for those seeking admission in class XI or XII only.
4.1 The faculty would you like to choose. a) Science b) Commerce (Please tick)
5. For confirmation of admission, please enclose following documents.(Tick the item enclosed)
5.1Original Birth Certificate with one Xerox copy (for classes KG-I, KG-II & Class I)
5.2Transfer Certificate (for class II onwards) duly countersigned by competent authority (rank not lower then Dr. Director/District Education Office. Authorised CBSE Office.)
5.3Result Card with a Xerox copy of the last exam passed. (for class II onwards)
5.4In case seeking admission in class IX or above, proof of parents transfer or proof for transfer of establishment.
5.5Migration Certificate & Marksheet of Class X Board Exam, Particularly if coming from other Board School.
5.6Any other document/s if asked for in any case.
Terms and Conditions
1. Admission to the school is provisional in the first instance. If the student is unable to the adjust to the environment of the school, The school reserved the right to make him/her withdraw, School reserves the right to expel any candidate whose conduct is unsatisfactory at the discretion of the principal whose decision is final, No fees will be refunded in such cases.
2. DICIPLINE: Candidate is required to observer decorum while attending the school. All rules applicable to the school use of facilities, infrastructure and materials should be observed.
3. All information pertaining to admission will be put up on the Notice Board of the school only presents are adviced to see the Notice Board.
4. The students not Obeying the school Rules and Regulations will be terminated immediately without giving any notice.
5. The school can not hold itself responsible for the loss of any article arising through negligence on the part of the children.
6. 90% attendence is compulsory to appear in Annual Examination for all classes.
I, declare that the Particulars given above are true to the best of knowledge. I have read and understand the Rules & Regulation of the school and promise to abide by all the terms and conditions specified herein and as amendend from time to time and my ward to will conform to the required standards of the school, I also understand that registration of my ward in the school does not guarantee admission/enrolment in the instituation.
Date Signature of Parents