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Disciplinary Action

1.  (a)The. Working day is  divided into two sessions. The morning session commences with  the Assembly at 8.25  a.m. and at 10.45 p.m.

(b)  Pupils are strongly discouraged from coming to school too  early.  Those who come before 8.00 a.m. must proceed at once to their class rooms and observe strict silence, devote the interval  to study. Late comers will be marked absent back home.

(c)  On the teacher's is entering the class rooms the pupils must rise and remain standing in silence till they are ordered to sit or the teacher takes her seat.


3.  No pupils is  allowed to leave the classroom without the permission of the  teacher or until the class is  dismissed.

4.  During the absence of a teacher from the class captain will maintain discipline. The pupil must obey the class captain appointed to amintain order.

5.  Punctual and regular attendance is insisted upon. Leave or absence from  school for weddings, etc. must be in advance. The General terms of excuse are not sufficient.


(a)  When a pupil has been absent from school or arrives late for any session he/she must produce this calaner with the  leave  note entered and signed in the leave record by his/her parent or guardian. This must be counter signed by the Principal or his/her deputy,

without which he/she will be allowed into the class room and will then be regarded as absent.

(b)  Special notice shall be taken of the absence without leave  from the examinations and at the reopening of the class after holiday, in case of illness medical certificate has to be produced.

(c)  pupil's are expected to put in 90% of the attendance required by the code.


6.  Irregular attendance, insubordination to teacher, habitual inattention to school work. Obscenity in word or act, are sufficient reasons  for permanent or temporary dismissal of pupil. Other offences such as habitually coming late  to the class damaging school property, etc: are punishable according to the nature of the offence.

7.  Ordinarily the  school does not hold itself responsible for the pupil conduct outside the school premises. In Justice to itself, however, it takes  congnisance  of any serious misconduct of its  pupils commited outsided its precints and should any serious charge be substanitaned, the guilty shall be punished according to gravity of the offence.

8.  The school diary must be brought to school every day. A specimen signature of the parent ( or guardian ) has to be shown by every pupil.

9.  Pupils attending class or any other function in the school are expected to be neatly dressed in school uniforms. Failure to wear the  prescribed uniform to class shall entail  the pupil being sent home and marked absent for the day.

10. Books and other articles should have a name or mark by which the owner can be essily know and  all stray or unclaimed property school does not hold itself  responsible for. the loss or damage of such property. Loss of books, pens etc. should be immediately reported to the Principal.

11. Books periodicals or papers of the any objectional character should not be brought to the school.

12. Pupil are expected to live either with their parents or guardians.

13. A Pupil who has been suffering from an infectious disease must produce a medical certificate  from  a registered medical practitioner, so that he/she may attend school

without risk of conveying infection. The reserves the right, how ever of extending the time of readmitting the pupil to classes afther obtaining medical advice.

14. Without the  Principal's permission pupils must not join any  clubs or associations or make any engagement that would interfere with their studies.

15. All correspondence should be addressed to the Principal the Parents may contact the Principal between 1.30 to 2.00 p.m. on all working days. At other times only by prior


16. Pupils must be present punctually on the reporting day after each vacation (This rule is very  important  and parents should make proper arrangements to ensure its fulfillment.) Those who come  late  without previous permission of the Principal, shall be duly dealt with; or should they  be late by over one week, the names will be deleted form the school register.

17. The school does not hold responsibility for the valuable things of the students like good etc.

18. Parents are requested to visit School. Positively on every Parents teacher meeting day.

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